“Aiello seamlessly broaches difficult and dark subject matter, detailing the experience and impact of mental illness as well as the scars of incestuous rape. Survival beyond trauma and the empowering experience of telling stories of abuse, are explored with sophistication and nuance…[c]haracters are richly developed; even individuals who act despicably are afforded attention and humanity.”  

                -The Booklife Report on The Dragonfly


The novelagain

…is complete…

Hang tight.

The novel

I’m writing a novel. Okay, a few novels. Yeah, attention span of a magpie. And when I say I’m writing a novel, what I really mean is I stare at my laptop. I make coffee. I stare at my laptop some more, and then I Netflix. I call Netflixing “research” because I can’t bear the thought of “procrastinating” to be part of my process. But who am I kidding. We writers are procrastinators until, one day, it all spills out like a shit storm. Am I right?


I’m writing a novel.

Gotta go Netflix now…